Banggood Summer Sale is Coming With 80%off

Banggood, the fourth giant of International E-commerce retailer of China, is going to launch a big promotion named 2019 Banggood summer sale in July. In recent years, Banggood has become one of the most important online shopping provider in the world due to its best quality products and the most professional customer service. How can you miss the summer sale conducted by it? The sale will provide you with many unprecedentedly high discounts, big coupons, and free gifts. And many products from Xiaomi, Blitz Wolf, Eachine and other Banggood star brands are available at a great discounted price. The event will be scheduled into four stages including:

Preview: June 25th, 10:00 -July 2nd 10:00
Warm-up:July 2nd 10:00 - July 9th 16:00
Lead-in: July 9th 16:00 -July 12th 16:00
Wrap-up: July 12th 16:00- July 18th 16:00

Among them, the lead-in stage of the Sale will be the most important part that you can not miss. It is about half a month left before the lead-in time of the Sale comes. Now, what can we do to make good preparations for the event? In my opinion, you can join the Sale by making full use of the preview time of the event.

To make more interactions with you and add more fun to the Sale, Banggood prepares some interesting games, through which you can win great coupons and some free gifts. They are as follows:

Subscribe and share the page to join the Prize Draw
Subscription rules: From June 25th to July 12th, the user enters the strategy page and clicks the “Alert Me” to subscribe to the activity of the event. Those who subscribe to 5 activities or more than 5 activities can join the Draw. After the event, several users will be chosen to win a gift or free order.
Sharing rules: During the event (From June 25th to July, 12th), the users who share the Strategy page to their social media can join the Prize Draw. Several lucky users will be chosen every day to win the corresponding prize.

Play Pinball Game to win a Gift
Once the Banggood summer sale begins, pinball game will be available for you.

The schedule of the game:
Preview time: one round every three days.
Warm-up time: one round every three days
Lead-in time: one round per day.

How to play:
1. The game will be available only in the Banggood app. So if you do not have Banggood app in your device, please download it by clicking here.
2. When one round game ends, the total score of the user is the final game score in this round. If the last number of the score number uploaded in the page can match the prize number and the score of the user ranks top 3, the prize can be available.
3. The users can buy game props by using BG Points and finish tasks to get more playable time.
4. There will be three prizes: the Gold Award, the Silver Award, and the Bronze Award. Gifts differ from stage to stage of the Sale. As the lead-in stage approaches, the gifts will become richer.

The Banggood summer sale is coming now. Do not miss it. It will begin on June, 25th. What I mentioned above are what you can not miss during the preview stage of the Banggood Sale. For a quick look at the Sale, please check here. And I will update the latest information about the Sale in our blog, so follow me.

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